Rotary Switch

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Rotary Switch

These 110/220V selectors make great power switches for rocket electronics. They can be mounted inside the airframe or through the wall of an electronics bay, turn with a small flat blade screwdriver, and have a very reassuring positive detent action that leaves no doubt when you've switched one on or off.

They have 4 terminals, and are essentially DPST with the quirk that one side of each switch is connected together in the 220V position. They can be wired as a simple SPST power switch optionally with both switch poles in parallel for even greater reliability. They can also be used to switch the common outputs of two altimeter boards as a SAFE/ARM switch for L3 projects or other airframes with redundant electronics as long as the two altimeters can handle having their igniter commons tied together in the SAFE position. This allows for a "3 switch L3", and is usually ok if there are no other electrical connections between the two altimeters. Ask us for the wiring diagram from a successful 3-switch L3 project if this seems complicated!

The body of the switch fits in a 1/2 inch hole, and the bezel fits in a 5/8 inch hole. For a 98mm or larger airframe using coupler inside airframe, it's possible to flush mount these switches by drilling a 5/8 inch hole in the airframe and a 1/2 inch hole in the coupler.

  • Schurter 0033.4501
  • Allied 287-1022
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