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Terms and Conditions

All unique products sold here are open hardware designs created by the Altus Metrum community, and released under the terms of the TAPR Open Hardware License. Please refer to it for details of the rights and responsibilities you accept by purchasing our products.

Under no circumstances will Garbee and Garbee or any other member of the Altus Metrum community assume liability for the use of products offered here.  Rocketry is inherently dangerous, and our products are merely components that the purchaser must integrate, test, and assume responsibility for in the context of any complete project.

All Altus Metrum products that include radio capabilities are designed to comply with FCC Part 97, and thus are intended for use by holders of Amateur Radio licenses. Use in Australia may be legal without a license under the LIPD provisions in the range 433.05-434.79 Mhz, but please be mindful of ham radio operations in that band.  Users in other countries should investigate and comply with all local communications regulations.

We understand the concept of psychological pricing, but don't like it.  Because we believe strongly in open source principles, and therefore like to think of our customers as being active members of an Altus Metrum community, it just wouldn't feel right to try and manipulate purchase decisions by playing games like this.  Instead, we choose pricing for our products in even dollar amounts. We think that's the most honest and fair way to price our products.
If our retail distributors choose to offer products at a penny or nickle less on their stores to try and get more sales, we're completely ok with that.  After all, our "manufacturer suggested retail price" or MSRP is just that .. "suggested".

We currently use the United States Postal Service for all outbound shipping.  For destinations in the US, we use Priority Mail Small Box service.  For international shipments, we use a mixture of Priority Mail  International and Express Mail International services.  All orders ship insured.

If for some reason our USPS rate estimating interface is broken, all orders will show a $100 fixed shipping charge.  Never fear, his amount will be adjusted before we actually charge your order to reflect actual shipping and handling costs!

We care about privacy, and will never share your account information with any other party except as necessary to process your order and complete the billing and shipping actions that you select.  Please see the separate privacy policy page on our site for more detailed information about cookies and other technical aspects of how we use information you provide here.  The payment processors we use for online transactions never share credit card details with us.